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Watch Nepali Movie Sayad Review Trailer – Saayad Film ::  “Sayad” It’s a  unique nepali movie ,  directed by Suraj  Subba. Film name itself  also suggest as regretful event. The film is all related about drug & how to people influence by drug in teen age? Sayd ? Sayad  Movie is about generation gap effect. Sayad  film started form first generation (means first batch of this school who was very serious in their studies and their future, they are discipline, they success their studies and settle their life happily).sister & brother   of  batch studies in same school but they are serious in their studies and future. They use drugs .Drug makes them careless about their studies, makes them involve in fight, and even dare to kill their own dear ones.

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MOVIE sayad gives you teary emotions, comedy scenes  ,  By Wilson Bikram Rai. Yodin , Yodin is small brother of Nirag.He is study in collage. SaayadYodin’s best friend Ved (played by Wilson Bikram Rai) introduced Yodin to drugs. Yodin and Ved’s group started taking drugs because of the problems in the family &  love lives.They became seek for drug. Drugs caused them to neglect their study&  got  involved in gang(s) fights. At last Ved and his family had killed by Yodin.Yodin’s lovely brother Nirag also has kill by Yodin friends.
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