How to Increase Mig33 Level Fast – Mig33 Trick & Tips

Increasing Mig33 Level

How to Increase Mig33 Level Fast – Mig33 Trick & Tips  :: There are millions of mig33 mobile users in the world, chatting , community , blogs and attractive services had made it popular among people .

You might have been looking for tips /idea or trick for increasing your level on mig33 mobile application , this is latest working tips for 2012 ( September 2012 ) onwards  .

Tips on Increasing Mig 33 Level Rapid and Fast

No nagging, no rules

Here are few tips or tricks on mig33 that you have to implement in’s chatting application client .

  • Chat more and even more with your friend and stay online for long time . It means that you have to be in mig33 as active user .
  • Create your personal blogs in mig33 online . Be social and share those blogs .
  • Like , comment on wall, share and vote for avatar on other’s profile in mig33 .
  • No any bot like swify , bd mig33, nepali mig33 bot and any other unofficial mig33 version should be used. It hampers mig33 terms and services, In some cases it may penalize you and make your level to zero even from 85 , 70 and so on.
  • Chat in English than other any language or roman , as mig33 logs all your chat record .
  • Buy Credits , Play Games  and Be in publc chat rooms
  • Add Friends at least 5 -10 in a week
  • Be clean , do not get banned or kicked in any chat room , This may hamper yur level
  • Send your friends gift
  • Use your credits
  • Update your status time by time in mig33

This is the tips you have to implement in mig33 while using mig33 application to have your increased level or reputation in mig33 .

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