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Honshu Ports : List Of Ports in Honshu : Are you wondering about ports in honshu,  anyone who is in search of ” Honshu ports of Japan ” . 

Fishing in Honshu Ports
Fishing in Honshu Ports - Japan

I saw people asking on forums, answer sites like answers.com, and so on about Honshu Ports in Japan ; and it is said that fishing has been considered better on this spot of japan and ports in honshu like State – Aomori  ,Region – Honshu ,Fishing Spot – misawa port   is considered to be good destination to travel.


Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in south-west of Honshu Island is a cluster of silver appearing mountains, rising up to 600 m and interspersed by deep river valleys list the archaeological remains of large-scale mines, smelting& refining sites and mining settlements worked between  16th and 20th centuries in Honshu ports. This port in honshu also features routes used to transport silver ore to the coast, and port towns from where it was shipped to Korea and China. Mines contributed substantially to the overall economic development of Japan and south-east Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries, prompting the mass production of silver and gold in Japan. The mining area is now heavily wooded. Included in the site are fortresses, shrines, parts of Kaid?? transport routes to the coast, and three port towns, Tomogaura, Okidomari and Yunotsu, from where the ore was shipped.

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  • Honshu – definition of Honshu by the Free Online Dictionary 

    Hiroshima – a port city on the southwestern coast of Honshu in Japan; on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was almost completely destroyed by the first atomic bomb 

  • Honshu :: Recently, three new bridge systems have been built across the islands of the Inland Sea betweenHonshu and Shikoku. Most of the great ports of Japan are … www.mapsofworld.com/japan/regions-of-japan/honshu.html

  • Most of Japan’s great ports are on Honshu. Kyoto, formerly the capital of Japan, is an ancient seat of culture and also the chief handicraft center of Honshu.


  • Most of the great ports of Japan are situated in Honshu. The Seikan Tunnel connectsHonshu with Hokkaido. Some of the great tourist attraction spots in Honshu include:



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