Best Review on ScoPad Hercules Tablet 7 “specification value Price Features

Reviews ScoPad Hercules Tablet 7 “specification value.


The tablet is of Chinese invaded the country more and more. One of the many familiar brands such ScoPad (the tablets to the government) will participate in the market as well. Advice is a distributor and service center. Until now, it has launched three versions of the track is small to large Twister, Hercules and Spectrum.

Best Review onĀ  ScoPad Hercules Tablet 7 “specification value Price Features

The team has to review the intermediate code SP0718 or the Hercules comes with specs Dual Screen 7 “which sold for 2,990 as it was mentioned specification core of the Scopad Hercules. I do as well.

  • Rockchip3066 chip inside the CPU frequency 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core GPU ARM Mali-400.
  • Screen IPS 7 “1024×600 pixel resolution.
  • Run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
  • Internal memory 8GB (microSD put it) RAM 1GB.
  • 11.9 mm thick, weighs about 350 grams.

Intro to moderate the air is said to do.


The package starts at ScoPad Hercules comes in line with the other tablet. The box is equipped with a lid that opens on up. The tablet has a micro USB headset adapter cable and my book.



Hercules body shape is similar to the iPad version comes out. Cover the entire piece is aluminum (not wood) and is the only tablet on the project. Weeks to come. I found it very durable.

Hercules screen when new ram is a one layer thick film. Enough to pull off a film that marks the top. (In the film is well marked).

The top of the screen has a resolution of 2 mega pixel front camera (to win) the quality is slightly less common to have a video call in a little bit light. Photography done by feature. It is recommended that cameras do not have auto focus. And shutter speed is too slow.

Ports and buttons of the machine to the right in the top right. Away to the right. The images from left – right port micro USB, key back, volume keys, power button. The other side is a microSD slot and a 3.5mm port


The flip side is that there are signs that tell you what each button does.

Hercules was on the back of the sheet aluminum. Middle of a regular brand.

The mono speaker on the right has a point. Sound quality is not good. The not-so-much. It is better than nothing: P.

Clear the air is said to charge the tablet with a 5 volt 2 amp power plug with this topic but I was charging it up but slow.

Try holding it against the palm. About it. Applications can use one hand. And use the hand comfortably. Weight is not very light, but it does not hold on any longer.


Common usage and battery.

The general ScoPad Hercules must do better than that price. The general flow with Android 4.1 can use to intuitively game graphics. By virtue of the Mali-400.

IPS LCD screen provides a wide viewing angle of Hercules is the specification. The brightness is quite low to me. The sun is almost impossible. And touch screen (digitizer) on a maximum of two inches to a little above the highest part of the specification, it is just 5 inches.

Hercules is a very durable battery. The specs say that the capacity is 3500 mAh, I open a web connection. Play in approximately 4-5 hours for someone to come off because the bug report that the device battery. (The really bad left), press Update firmware from the device at all.

Keyboard that came with the Arch Thai Keyboard calling him the worst. There’s a bug that makes it not possible to use the keyboard. The solution is to disable the keyboard that corresponds to Settings> Apps> All and then select Disable it now at the keyboard, it will not bounce back to the Arch Thai Keyboard is a keyboard Stock.

Another problem is that it is a built-in sensor that works like Accelerometer. That will hold up to reality. (Notice of playing racing games that need to move back and forth), or, in some applications, it does not work at all. Try before you buy one.

‘s Android 4.1 software, is a stock that is added to an application for the Apple ApkInstller in itself. It took him. Play Store apps to load from my usual. (Do not know why I like them).

By the end of the test scores on the children ScoPad Hercules tablet price close to two thousand Transformer Prime ever.


ScoPad Hercules also has some flaws. However, compared to the 2,990 would have to say that this tablet is a very worthwhile one. There is also an Android version of the most recent. And durable material for the same price.

Of the hardware passed. I still need the services of a vendor that can do it. And updating the software or not again.


  • Specification is very strong.
  • Material is good.
  • The new version of Android.
  • Value.


  • Low-resolution screen. Not bright enough in the sun.
  • The touch screen is not very good. A swipe at the jerk.
  • Place suitable for horizontal only. The portrait is a little difficult.
  • To be a bug Sporadic.

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